Cyber Security Team!

Who We Are

We are cyber security team made of students, mainly located in faculty of engineering, Alexandria univeristy. We are interested in everything related to computer security, including web security, malware analysis, vulnerability reaseach, and even spreading awareness.

The Bigger Family

AlexSec is part of Microsoft Student Partners Tech Club at Alexandria university, MSPTC is a student community program that promotes advanced technology through education, practice, and innovation.

What we do

Playing Capture The Flag

We play CTFs regularly, always catching up with every ctf on ctftime, we post writeups for all challenges we solve on our blog.

Check Out our blog!


AlexCTF is a Jeopardy style Capture The Flag that we host every year somwhere in February.

Stay Tuned!

Get in touch

If you think there is something we are missing, got a project idea, interested in joining our team, or just wanted to say hi to us, feel free to contact us at